Software Success Metrics


Measuring the rate of software change

Delivering software at speed by focusing on faster, more frequent deployments.

Defining Success—More than just speed

Industry data shows that high performing software organizations are able to outperform their peers in each of three key outcomes, each measured by two metrics.

Speed: The rate of software change. Speed is measured by:

  • Deployment frequency
  • Time from commit to deploy.

Efficiency: Effectiveness of software change.
Learn more about measuring and managing efficiency.

Risk: Quality of software change.
Learn more about measuring and managing risk.

You can start by focusing on any of these outcomes individually, but long-term success requires addressing each of them.

Defining Performance

Improving the rate of change in your organization starts with assessing your current state. Industry data categorizes IT organizations into the following high, medium, and low performing categories based on speed. Where does your organization fall?

High Performers Medium Performers Low Performers
Deployment Frequency Deployment Frequency
One a Week to
Once a Month
Once every 
1 to 6 Months
Time from Commit to Deploy Time from
Commit to Deploy
< 1 Hour
1 Week to
1 Month
1 Month to
6 Months

Accelerating software delivery

Automation is the key ingredient in accelerating your software delivery.

  1. Build
    Provision new environments quickly, test changes and dependencies automatically.
  2. Deploy:
    Automatically test, review, build, and deploy changes on commit.
  3. Manage:
    Automatically test correct compliance issues and configuration drift.

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