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Augment Your Migration with Chef Automate

The key factor driving organizations to adopt cloud platforms is the ability to scale their environments on-demand. As your estate grows, it becomes vitally important you maintain visibility into how those environments are evolving over time.

Chef Automate not only gives you a unified window into every system you manage with Chef, but also provides filterable real-time and historical data for configuration changes and compliance scans, ensuring you always know exactly what’s happening in your environments.

Download the Practical Guide to Cloud Migration with Chef to learn how Chef Automate can help your team:

  • Understand and verify your responsibilities in the cloud
  • Maintain hybrid environments under a single configuration codebase
  • Gain visibility into how your environments are changing, whether in a single environment or across a multitude of platforms and cloud vendors

Manage Hybrid Systems from One, Unified Place

Getting ready to move your applications to the cloud? See how to properly prepare, implement, and manage your new hybrid infrastructure in this video.

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