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After April 30th, 2020, Chef will be ending support for Chef Infra Client 14.x, Chef InSpec 3.x, ChefDK 3.x, and Chef Workstation 0.3, and will no longer provide bug-fix or security updates to these versions. These are the final supported free distributions of each tool, and all upgrades to a newer OSS version will need to be implemented manually and follow the Chef Trademark Policy.

As of May 1st, 2020, the only supported, warrantied, and tested distributions of Chef software will require a license for commercial use.

However, with the upcoming release of Chef Infra Client 16, automating your environments just got easier! With YAML support in recipes and a new unified mode for extending Chef Infra code, it’s a snap to create or customize configuration policy. And cookstyle updates will make sure your cookbooks are upgrade-ready!

Why a Chef subscription?

Other than the speed, new functionality, and increased security available in new Chef versions?


If you are currently running an OSS version of Chef and want to learn more about upgrading to a licensed version, read our Chef Enterprise Subscription FAQ or contact us now.

At Chef, we believe the best software is built in collaboration with those who use it. All Chef code is built in the open, transparently, where community-driven innovation takes place. Chef’s enterprise-ready distributions are built from the same open source code and supported by Chef.