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Secure Your Cloud Estate with Continuous Audits

Using Chef InSpec for Cloud Security

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Secure Your Cloud Estate with Continuous Audits

More and more applications and data are moving to the cloud, and while this transition creates tremendous benefits, it also comes with information security challenges. In a recent article, The Dirty Dozen: 12 top cloud security threats, CSO Magazine outlined twelve cloud security concerns organizations should understand in order to make appropriate cloud adoption decisions.

In this webinar, Nick Rycar, Chef's Technical Product Marketing Manager will explore these concerns and showcase how a Continuous Audit approach, which helps identify and remediate compliance issues in minutes, can help organizations best plan for, identify, and address these cloud security issues.

Watch now to learn:

  • The most impactful cloud security threats
  • Where your cloud provider's responsibilities end, and your organization's begin
  • How a continuous audit approach can help identify and address these security threats

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Nick Rycar

Technical Product Marketing Manager
Chef Software



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