The future of DevOps and OSS: ChefConf Day 2 Keynote

Hear how leaders in the industry - Microsoft, AWS, and Google - approach DevOps, Digital Transformation and Open Source Software communities. The keynote closes with Chef co-founder Adam Jacob presenting his vision for free and sustainable Open Source Software communities.

Nell Shamrell-Harrington, Principle Software Engineer, Chef Software | Brendan Burns, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft | Siva Padisetty, General Manager, AWS | Domink Richter, Product Leader for Cloud & AI, Google | Adam Jacob, Co-Founder, Chef Software

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Using Continuous Automation to further your own community

Automation is vital to delivering software at speed, as workloads are increasing faster than headcount in development and operations teams. These teams continue to struggle with process issues that need to be consistent and repeatable. Companies that adopt continuous automation break down silos and create teams that are vertically integrated, allowing everyone to work together toward the business objective. Operational teams can then evolve into developer services teams that create the tools developers need to deliver innovative features quickly.

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