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Upcoming Webinar: Thursday August 9th at 10:00 AM PT

Migrating Legacy Windows Applications with Habitat

Packaging 13 year old technology and running in modern compute environments

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Migrating Legacy Windows Applications with Habitat

Most cloud migration journeys at some point involve the need to migrate legacy applications from outdated and unsupported versions of Windows to more modern operating system. This is never a simple task. Attempting such a migration using manual methodologies simply does not scale and cannot be easily replicated across environments.

Habitat introduces a level of application automation that allows one to package almost any application, even legacy Windows applications, and load them into a Supervisor runtime running on modern infrastructure. This codifies application installation and configuration in a way that can be easily repeated sometimes dramatically reducing the time it takes to raise new application environments from scratch.

This webinar will focus on two legacy applications: SQL Server 2005 and an ASP.NET 2.0 application last updated in 2007 that depends on COM technology to connect to SQL Server. We will package both applications using a Powershell based Habitat build plan and deploy them to Windows Server Core 2016 running inside of a Docker container.

Join us on Thursday August 9th at 10:00 AM PT to learn how:

  • Habitat approaches application automation differently from traditional configuration management
  • To package the different components of a Legacy application into a deployable artifact
  • Habitat allows these components to discover and interact with one another at build time

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