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Upcoming Webinar: Thursday 21 September, 2017 at 11am BST

GDPR Meets DevOps and Continuous Automation

Detect, Correct, Automate for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

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Detect, Correct, Automate for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR introduces a new set of controls relating to how a business stores and processes personal data of EU citizens. Key to GDPR adherence is ensuring ‘Privacy by Design’ for all new IT systems. This introduces a number of challenges as we try and shift data privacy to the design and development stages of our IT processes.

With Chef Automate and DevOps best practices, you can rethink GDPR compliance and take a code driven approach. By introducing Compliance as Code to define security regulations, you turn these into small, modular, executable blocks, that can be put together to define any security policy.

This approach to Continuous Automation allows a business to make GDPR auditing a natural and integrated part of any IT process, and to make Information Security a part of their overall digital transformation.

Join us on Thursday 21 September, 2017 at 11am BST to learn:

  • How to automate compliance testing and programmatically determine when you’re failing to meet GDPR policies
  • What it means to treat compliance as code and how it helps you get out of reactive mode and maintain continuous compliance
  • Where to get started: detect what may be out of compliance with GDPR in production environments today

Join Joe Gardiner for live Q&A, save your seat in our upcoming session!

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